718 Cyclery, NYC's premier Adventure Cycling bike shop, is proud to announce the launch of 718 Trips and Tours. 718 Trips and Tours is a standalone company that seeks to connect people looking to escape urban living with the perfect 718 Cycling Adventure (even if it's just for one night).

Featured and Upcoming Trips

2017 Micro-Tour 03

Mountain Lakes, North Salem NY, July 8/9, 2017

Summer Adirondack Tour

July 15-23, 2017


Ride Report: 2017 Micro-Tour 02

On June 5/6, 2017, 718 Cyclery closed its doors to go on a staff camping trip to Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem, NY.  For a shop that is open 362 days/year (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day), this was a major bonding event. We had a good amount of rain, and it was the coldest June day/night in the last 10 years..


Micro-Tours are a quick way to escape the city on the weekend, on your bike. Meet at the shop on Saturday, meet new friends, ride to our destination, eat, camp, and return to the shop on Sunday. No work is missed, but worlds are opened up.

Bike Tours (Road and Bike Packing)

Looking to spend multiple nights on the road? Our unsupported tours are a great way to challenge yourself. Camping, cooking...it's all up to you, all under the guidance of our expert tour leaders. Tours range in expertise level, are are preceded by multiple orientation sessions.

Destination Trips

Is a warm bed and some cooked meals more up your alley? 718 Trips and Tours has put together multiple Destination Trips that cater to families, groups or individuals looking to make new friends on an adventure. 

Build Your Bike

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