2018 Micro-Tour Schedule

"if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" African Proverb

718 Cyclery's Micro-Tours are a quick way to escape the city on the weekend, on your bike. Meet at the shop on Saturday, meet new friends, ride to our destination, eat, camp, and return to the shop on Sunday. No work is missed, but worlds are opened up.

These excursions are designed to provide an excellent format for a newer rider to explore adventure cycling in a safe, fun environment.. In addition, an advanced rider will enjoy discovering new destinations and new friends to ride with.

These flash trips are considered "unsupported". No hotels, no lobster, no one ferrying your bags across the river on their head. It's you, your bike, your gear and some fantastic like-minded people. If this sounds good to you, sign up below for our 2018 Micro-Tour Season.

Don't worry if you don't have all the gear.  Sign up for the trip. The next step is that we can help evaluate your set-up and help you acquire (purchase, rent, borrow) the pieces you might need. Don't let your apprehension about gear and distance riding get in your way...these trips are designed to provide an environment to get you up and going with people who care. The first step is the hardest.

Please note 718 Trips and Tours Cancellation Policy here

2018 Micro-Tour 1: Mountain Lakes Park, NY

2018 Micro-Tour 2: Croton Point Park, NY

2018 Micro-Tour 3: Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn!

2018 Micro-Tour 4: Ward Pound Ridge, NY

2018 Micro-Tour 5: Camp Glen Gray, NJ

2018 Micro-Tour 6: Lake Tiorati, NY


2018 Micro-Tour 7: Beartown, MA

Micro-Tour Testimonials

Two days out and I'm still smiling every time I think about this awesome trip. Thank you Joe and 718 crew for the chance to try something new, ride with an amazing, supportive group of great people, and learn SO much along the way!!!!


As a novice in the group, it made all the difference in the world to have people willing to teach, lead, guide, support, and fix my flat tire and chain falling off the wheel and... and... and... all while smiling along the way. Without that, I think I could have easily grown disheartened. Instead, I found myself grateful for community I walked into and could gain a sense of accomplishment along the way, all while looking forward to learning more in the future.


This was such a fun ride, and it was a blast riding and camping with you all! Thanks, Joe, for putting this together. I wasn't able to keep my phone running, so I'm stoked to see the pictures you all took....so one question: is that paella recipe documented somewhere?


As someone who rarely goes biking, this has been an incredible learning experience for me. Thanks to Charlie for telling me about this 718 microtour, thanks to Joe for all the work it took to organize, and thanks to all the folks I met on this tour. My group in showed me great leadership and the heartening feeling of looking out for each other while my group out challenged me to push my limits.

It was such an honor and hella fun getting to ride with all of you inspirational and talented people!


I have been gushing to my cycling friends about this since I've gotten back. I've never toured before so thank you for organizing and giving me the opportunity to experience this (at least on a micro level) for the first time. I want to go on more :) Also all of you give me gear inspiration :0 might steal some ideas.


718 just continues to fuel my love for biking! Having done the Pittsburgh to DC tour and now this, I can honestly say that this is one of the best biking groups that I have had the pleasure to be a part of. Thanks Joe for your commitment and support to the biking community and thanks to your amazing staff! You're keeping dreams alive!


I am definitely going to spread the word to my friends about how awesome 718 Cyclery is!  They put on a great event this weekend and I am grateful to Joe and the staff for bringing us all together for such a fun adventure.  718 Cyclery Rocks!


But yes—I can't think of a better way to have spent a weekend or a better group of people to have spent it with. I am also really glad to have gotten a peek at how experienced riders tour! Thanks so much (especially to the official and unofficial staff people at 718 and JOE) for a terrific time!!


Thanks 718 cyclery for organizing & sponsoring for the campsites & insurance fees & all of u amazing people for making this bike tour an awesome one.


I would like to echo what everyone said.  Thanks, Joe, for organizing.  It was a great trip.  I'd also like to thank everyone for waiting and helping to get my poor bike back on it's feet/wheels, especially Jason, Clay, Colin, Houston and Jamie.  Looking forward to riding again with everyone.


This was a really amazing weekend I am so grateful to have been a part of it! Thanks so much everyone for a great great time. I don't have many pictures but they are up on Instagram with the official hashtag!

BTW- if anyone is looking for more biking fun, I am planning a bike trip to the Rockaways this upcoming Saturday July 2nd providing the weather is nice. E-mail me directly if you are interested and I'll send a group e-mail out with details. You guys are all wonderful and inspiring and I'm excited about being a part of this great community that 718 is building.


I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU for all you did to make this weekend so memorable and awesome. You have truly built a community of amazing, like-minded people who like riding bikes and don't mind getting dirty doing it.

Not only do you run the most kick-ass bike shop in the Brooklyn/New York area, but you lead one hell of a micro-tour


Thanks Joe for hosting this fun weekend. It was the perfect opportunity to try something new via bike. Everyone was so lovely and generous with food, advice, and information; I learned a few things.

I had a total blast riding with my group in and my group out. I'm hooked on the he whole bike packing thing. You guys are the real deal. Thanks for bringing something new and sorely needed in the bike community.


Thank you for your email and kind words! I'm sorry I missed you this morning, but glad you made it back ok. Also thanks for checking in on everyone, I was logging on to do the same, but you beat me to it; another reason why you guys were a great group!

To those who rode with me yesterday, bravo for sticking it out! It was a long day and some of you had a tough time, but I'm super proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves! You chose a tough adventure and you didn't let it beat you and you're stronger for it in the end. I hope I'll see you all on the road again!


Hi Team,

hope you all got back home safely, sorry that I had to leave early without a chance to say goodbye to some of you.I want to thank everyone for your patience and advice, special thanks goes to Regina for you great leadership, encouragement and keeping it fun! Kudos to Allison and Kamille for giving bike touring a try!


I am definitely going to spread the word to my friends about how awesome 718 Cyclery is!  They put on a great event this weekend and I am grateful to Joe and the staff for bringing us all together for such a fun adventure.  718 Cyclery Rocks!


Amazing ride, many thanks to 718 and the all around supportive atmosphere. Definitely going on the next one! Looking forward to it! Planning a day ride up 9W for this Saturday, sending details tonight for others to join.